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18 to 21 March ’14 – Cusco! We’re coming!

18 March 2014 –  Arriving in Cusco* After months of travelling with all that is valuable on our backs, I have developed a paranoia that has come to a head on the night bus to […]


15 to 17 March ’14 – The Magnificent City of Lima*

We arrive in the city of Lima at about 18:00 on Saturday the 15th of March after a 4 hour bus ride from Ica down south. We are staying with a couchsurfing host, Gino, in […]


13 to 15 March ’14 – The Oasis of Huacachina*

We arrive in the crazy city that is Ica. Taxi’s drive like they’ve been stolen and there are multi-coloured tuk tuks all over the place like colourful ants. Ica, with its flat buildings and wide, […]


11 to 13 March ’14 – The Mysterious Nazca Lines*

9am –After a rocky night we arrive in the bustling little desert town that is Nazca in Peru, and I have never been this elated at the sight of a little old Peruvian man holding […]


8 to 10 March ’14 – 3 Nights of Bedlessness*

  The train is supposed to depart at 00:05, 9 March ’14. It is not even here is 00:04. We have been waiting calmly for a few hours. It gets very cold in Uyuni […]


7 & 8 March ’14 – Salt, SALT EVERYWHERE!*

7 March ’14 – Half a year of Mrs & Mrs   5 months into our trip and it is our six month wedding anniversary today! And it has been an exhilarating six months at […]


5 & 6 March ’14 – The Plan – We don’t really have a plan*

San Pedro, back to Calama, and out of Chile to Uyuni, Bolivia   We have got this packing thing down! It really is just like building a puzzle, and once you know where all the […]


2 – 5 March ’14 – Golden Sands of the Driest Desert in the World!

Valparaiso -> Calama -> San Pedro de Atacama 2 + 3 March 2014 After spending our last morning in the colourfulness of LAB00, greeting our hosts and promising to meet again somewhere across the world, […]


1 March ’14 – Valpo – Day 3*

  This is our last day in Valparaìso, a city that has wrapped herself around me. We were planning on taking the short trip to Viña del Mar today. It is a polished, modern city […]


28 February ’14 – Valpo – Day 2*

  No matter how hard we try we never seen to make it out and about before 11am.. LAB00 is an awesome place to stay, so we don’t really mind. On a continent where breakfast […]


27 Feb to 2 March ’14 – Climbing a million stairs in Valparaíso*

Valparaíso, Chile – Day 1     Leaving Santiago for the second time was much easier and faster than before. It does help to know what we are doing this time around.. The Alameda bus […]


We interrupt this adventure for some current events*

The Very First #Elance #TheCommonRoom #UrbanRevolt #Johannesburg BLOGATHON!     Digital Nomad   Bombard me with those WI-FI waves! Let them hit me like Zues’ invisible thunderbolts. Shower me with unlimited data! Dip me in […]


The Winelands of Santa Cruz – Continued*

  After our first week of settling in we have formed a little morning routine. We enjoy our morning tea on the poofy couch in the living room and read the daily news thanks to […]


2nd to 25 Feb ’14 – The Winelands of Santa Cruz*

200km south of Santiago lies the Central Valley. This wine region is dotted with fancy wineries around charming little towns. The little town of Santa Cruz, our home for the next 3 weeks, is situated […]


30th Jan to 2nd Feb ’14 – We’re in Chile!

    8pm – Off the bus and breathing Chilean air..I still want to throw up a little. We make our way to Information at the crazy Alameda Bus Terminal, the main stop for international […]


Things you should know about Argentina*

Argentina is not so very different from South Africa. There is definitely more of an outside culture, people spend time in parks and walk where they want to go. Public transport is well organised and […]


30 January 2014 – A Bus Ride through the Andes*

I wake up feeling like death! Something is very wrong.. I take a few sips of water and immediately my body decides that an exit strategy for the h2o is needed. This is not good […]


21st to 28th Jan ’14 – Much needed R & R*

  We spend a lovely seven days at the country home of Alex, just outside the town of La Falda. It is a small town that gets overrun by Argentinian vacation goers during the summer […]


16th – 20th January 2014 – Saying Goodbye Again*

  Thursday comes and we say sad goodbyes to Ramiro and Lorenzo as we pack our bags in the car and Azul drives us to the city. We are going to stay with her mom, […]


2nd to 15th Jan ’14 – Family Life in Del Viso, Buenos Aires, Argentina

We pack up..again. We have become experts at packing. The rain is pouring down today after a crazy thunder storm during the night that left some of our belongings wet thanks to a roof leak, […]


1 January ’14 – Happy New Year!*

9:30am Uuugh – woke up with a red wine hangover- actually I might still be a little drunk.   We go down for breakfast and I am instantly irritated by all the people, I’m overheating […]


31 Dec ’13 – A Blue Market Deal & A Walk to Remember

New Year’s Eve   Today we decide to walk the city..a little bit of it anyway, as Bs As is a beautiful giant. But first we have to exchange our US dollars for some pesos […]


30th Dec ’14 – Hola Argentina! (again..)

Our first Ferry Ride!*   Our ferry ride is today! I’m excited like a child going on a merry-go-round for the first’s a bit weird I know..but I do like big boats. Couldn’t get […]


Things you should know about Uruguay*

  A surprising amount of people speak English, very well. Uruguayans are very friendly and helpful if you approach them with a smile – most of them anyway. Uruguayans are very proud to be Uruguayan […]


27th – 30th Dec ’13 – Back to Montevideo, we like it that much*

Thanks to the community we found a last minute host near the football stadium. Selene gives us a ride in her little car with our bags strapped to the roof. She is a very […]


23rd – 27th Dec ’13 – We need a Christmas break too*

We greet the guys, who are all off on various trips for the week of Christmas. We catch a bus and head to Parque Miramar, Ciudad de la Costa, where we have booked a stay […]


21 + 22 Dec ’13 – Our first (and second) Asado!*

Saturday, 21 December After awaking lazily on a beautiful and bright Saturday morning we join Nacho and El Cambion (that is his nickname, which means “Truck” in Spanish, but his mom calls him Matias) on […]


20th Dec ’13 – Hola Montevideo!

We leave the comforts of Sur Hostel in Colonia and catch a 2 and a half  hour bus to the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo. We are not 100% sure where we are going to stay […]


15th Dec ’13 – Colonia del Sacramento*

We leave the pretty town of Fray Bentos, ecstatic to be free! A short 4 hour bus ride later and we are in the picturesque little town of Colonia del Sacramento!   I am very […]


2nd – 15th Dec ’13 – To stay or not to stay, that is the question..

We arrive at breakfast promptly at 7:30. We are served white bread rolls, cheese, jams and tea. No protein, no fruit, just bread.  We have 5 hours of work ahead of us, let’s see how it […]