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18 to 21 March ’14 – Cusco! We’re coming!

18 March 2014 –  Arriving in Cusco* After months of travelling with all that is valuable on our backs, I have developed a paranoia that has come to a head on the night bus to […]


15 to 17 March ’14 – The Magnificent City of Lima*

We arrive in the city of Lima at about 18:00 on Saturday the 15th of March after a 4 hour bus ride from Ica down south. We are staying with a couchsurfing host, Gino, in […]


13 to 15 March ’14 – The Oasis of Huacachina*

We arrive in the crazy city that is Ica. Taxi’s drive like they’ve been stolen and there are multi-coloured tuk tuks all over the place like colourful ants. Ica, with its flat buildings and wide, […]


11 to 13 March ’14 – The Mysterious Nazca Lines*

9am –After a rocky night we arrive in the bustling little desert town that is Nazca in Peru, and I have never been this elated at the sight of a little old Peruvian man holding […]