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Things you should know about Uruguay*

  A surprising amount of people speak English, very well. Uruguayans are very friendly and helpful if you approach them with a smile – most of them anyway. Uruguayans are very proud to be Uruguayan […]


27th – 30th Dec ’13 – Back to Montevideo, we like it that much*

Thanks to the community we found a last minute host near the football stadium. Selene gives us a ride in her little car with our bags strapped to the roof. She is a very […]


23rd – 27th Dec ’13 – We need a Christmas break too*

We greet the guys, who are all off on various trips for the week of Christmas. We catch a bus and head to Parque Miramar, Ciudad de la Costa, where we have booked a stay […]


21 + 22 Dec ’13 – Our first (and second) Asado!*

Saturday, 21 December After awaking lazily on a beautiful and bright Saturday morning we join Nacho and El Cambion (that is his nickname, which means “Truck” in Spanish, but his mom calls him Matias) on […]


20th Dec ’13 – Hola Montevideo!

We leave the comforts of Sur Hostel in Colonia and catch a 2 and a half  hour bus to the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo. We are not 100% sure where we are going to stay […]


15th Dec ’13 – Colonia del Sacramento*

We leave the pretty town of Fray Bentos, ecstatic to be free! A short 4 hour bus ride later and we are in the picturesque little town of Colonia del Sacramento!   I am very […]


2nd – 15th Dec ’13 – To stay or not to stay, that is the question..

We arrive at breakfast promptly at 7:30. We are served white bread rolls, cheese, jams and tea. No protein, no fruit, just bread.  We have 5 hours of work ahead of us, let’s see how it […]


1 Dec ’13 – A Dutchman, a few children and a crazy Uruguayan woman

Mr F is a weather-beaten Dutch man who bought this piece of land in 2005 when Uruguay was in economic dire straits and in need of any foreign investment it could find, so he got his […]