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5 & 6 March ’14 – The Plan – We don’t really have a plan*

San Pedro, back to Calama, and out of Chile to Uyuni, Bolivia   We have got this packing thing down! It really is just like building a puzzle, and once you know where all the […]


Things you should know about Argentina*

Argentina is not so very different from South Africa. There is definitely more of an outside culture, people spend time in parks and walk where they want to go. Public transport is well organised and […]


21st to 28th Jan ’14 – Much needed R & R*

  We spend a lovely seven days at the country home of Alex, just outside the town of La Falda. It is a small town that gets overrun by Argentinian vacation goers during the summer […]


Things you should know about Uruguay*

  A surprising amount of people speak English, very well. Uruguayans are very friendly and helpful if you approach them with a smile – most of them anyway. Uruguayans are very proud to be Uruguayan […]