1 January ’14 – Happy New Year!*

9:30am Uuugh – woke up with a red wine hangover- actually I might still be a little drunk.


We go down for breakfast and I am instantly irritated by all the people, I’m overheating and my brain is pounding. I want to eat and get out of here. My body craves protein so I try to cook eggs in the microwave, seeing that the 1 stove plate available is occupied with someone who has been trying to boil water for the last 20 minutes. The microwave is not much better… eventually success! The little croissants are scrumptious. I devour them and almost run back to the room to get away from all the people. I need to sleep for a little while longer. Before I drift off I promise myself I will never get drunk enough for a hangover on NYE again.

T planned our late lunchtime trip to Palermo. A part of the city filled with many restaurants. She’s got it figured out – catch the subway train to Palermo, walk a few blocks to the chosen restaurant that offer a large asado platter for 50 bucks – enjoy! We walk to the subway station on Florida, me feeling a bit fragile, only to find that the train is at a standstill due to some technical glitch. We try to see if we can catch a bus, but of course we don’t have enough coins. We try to get coins from a shopkeeper near the bus stop only to be met by a grumpy disapproval of our request. In the shop, a man with no English knowledge tries to explain to us how to get there with a different bus. Instead we think, it’s a good idea to walk to the next subway station to see if the train is working there. On the way, No-English man says he will pay for our bus ride to Plaza de Italia with his card, he is also going that way. Thanks! Finally a win. Palermo is much different from downtown, there are more open spaces with Botanical gardens situated here. A lot of it is still filthy and littered with garbage though.

We walk up the road and take a left into Av Fitz Roy, the street with all the restaurants. I am starving, my hung over body needs nourishment and we have forgotten that it is New Year’s day and that many restaurants may be closed. We walk and walk heading to the chosen restaurant only to find that it is closed. Damn – this day is not turning out as planned.

We settle for another steak house we passed earlier, called 22, and share a steak and chips and 2 chicken tacos. It was good! This restaurant is very Americanised, exactly what we didn’t want, the service is slow and the restrooms are disgusting. I’m not all that impressed with BA. I’m hoping the rest of Argentina will sway my opinion.

3 days in BA isn’t really nearly enough to see what there is to see. We will be back to visit some museums, Eva Peron’s grave and definitely La Boca with its colourful houses. Next up we will leave for the outskirts of the greater Metropolitan area tomorrow to help a family in Del Viso.



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