Things you should know about Argentina*

Argentina is not so very different from South Africa. There is definitely more of an outside culture, people spend time in parks and walk where they want to go. Public transport is well organised and it is easy to get around. Things are affordable and food and accommodation won’t blow the budget. Here follows some of the most important things to remember before packing your bags and flying off to Buenos Aires –

Painted with cow's blood..maybe..*

Painted with cow’s blood..maybe..*


  1. Have a decent amount of US dollars with you in 100 bills, and do enough research on the Blue Dollar before trying to exchange them on the Blue market.
  2. Eat a lot of steak when in Argentina – the cattle outnumbers the people in the country and they truly have the best meat in the world. This coming from a South African..
  3. The Argentinians can seem very arrogant..I suppose they are just very passionate.
  4. Wine in Argentina is almost as good as the steak, and it’s very affordable too. So, DRINK A LOT OF WINE.
  5. They have the same toilet paper issue in Argentina as they have in Brazil – it doesn’t go in the toilet, but rather in the bin next to it. All a bit unsanitary if you ask me, but when in Rome..
  6. Buses are NOT on time in Argentina, don’t get your hopes up
  7. Tipping in restaurants and even to bag handlers at bus stations is almost demanded, especially if you look obviously like a gringo. Don’t let them bully you
  8. Cigarettes are cheap in Argentina – DON’T START SMOKING
  9. Smoking is cool in Argentina – DON’T START SMOKING
  10. Once again, enjoy the meat and the wine! Eat and drink and be merry!!*


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