Things you should know about Uruguay*


  1. A surprising amount of people speak English, very well.
  2. Uruguayans are very friendly and helpful if you approach them with a smile – most of them anyway.
  3. Uruguayans are very proud to be Uruguayan without being arrogant.
  4. Marijuana is legal in Uruguay – citizens may grow six plants of their own and smoke in public.
  5. The president of Uruguay is the nation’s man, he still drives his old car that he’s had for years and doesn’t see the point of taking a huge salary for doing his duty to his country.
  6. Mate is huge in Uruguay and it is rare to find a guy or girl that doesn’t enjoy this intoxicating tea. When offered a drink always accept, it is just rude not to. But don’t have too much because it will give you the shakes, especially if you aren’t used to the effects.
  7. Uruguayans eat dinner VERY’re lucky if you eat at midnight when at an evening asado. This also means that they are not big on breakfast. Just some Mate and maybe a piece of bread is preferred.
  8. Uruguay is a small country and you will not find a bus that’s on the road for longer than 6 hours or so.
  9. When in Uruguay find an Alfajor, find many different Alfajores – it is amazing little biscuit things with a sweet filling – also big in Argentina.
  10. Remember that buses in Uruguay are always on time, never a minute late or early.
  11. Enjoy this beautiful country and its wonderful people!


Thanks Uruguay – we will be back one day*

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